07 Agustus 2010


Age: (Unknown due to his "immortality" and constant reincarnations)

Blood type: None

Gender: Male ( though can change his gender for each incarnation)

Origin: Heaven

Kekki Genkai: All Kekki Genkai (Only the Rinnegan has been seen though)

Chakra Type: All Six

Affiliations: Zukia Tojiro (Brother) , Nine Tailed Fox, Other Gods, and possibly the Gokage Sennin, Tsunade (reincarnation), Ha (Sister), Unagi Hyuga (Best Friend), Ryun Uchiha (friend and student), Seireitou Hyuga (student in some way and decendant of Rokudou's best friend Unagi)

Rank: A God (No Ninja Rank)


Rokudou Sennin was a god that lived within the heavens way before the start of the series. As a god he lived a peaceful lige along with the other immortals. His brother was Zukia Tojiro who was the evil god who created the tailed-beast. Due to his brothers actions he was banished down into the mortal realm along with his "children" the tailed beast. When he was born into the human world, he was born as a prince to the Land of Shadows, which he would later rule as king. Rokudou Sennin posseses extreme power and is the most feared of the gods even though he is also the most peaceful of the immortals. He posseses the Rinnegan which is a legendary doujutsu (eye technique). It was his gift to the humans and he used it to found the ninja world as it is today. Rokudou like most of the gods had the ability to reincarnate and used it many times in order to live amongst the mortals during the time in which his brother was banished. So far his only incarnations stated are the Sage of Six Paths (mortal form), The 1st Mizukage, and Tsunade. While he was on earth he developed the mighty Soul Sphere technique. His first and only apperance in person was after Naruto defeated his brother Zukia in battle in Kagegakure. The Legendary Tsunade revealed that she was Rokudou Sennin the entire time. In the story of The Last Akatsuki it also mentions that he tried to stop the Nine Tailed Fox alongside Minato when it atacked the Leaf Village.

Much later on, for unknown reasons, he joins up with Akatsuki and kidnapps Naruto Uzumaki. Seireitou Hyuga confronts him and fights him in a deadlock showdown. Both being damaged, Seireitou pulls out all the stops and uses a last ditch Raijuu Technqiue and defeats Rokudou. After this battle, it is infered that he has broken bonds with akatsuki.

During the Origin story he is een in the Sacred Hall with the other gods dicussing the matters of the human world though he left shortly after the meeting started. After he left it was stated buy Zukia that Rokudou is far stronger than he is.


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